Company and factory introduction

Kimia Kasht Ateba Company that is a knowledge-based one as the only manufacturer of dental implants in Iran commenced its activity on March 25, 2017 based on the commandment given by the President in presence of the esteemed ministers of health and medical education and industry, mine and trade.
Enjoying the scientific knowledge of the youth in this country and by achievement of modern technologies and based on international standards and criteria, this company has managed to take a long step in dental implants manufacturing domestication and heightening dental health and hygiene levels in the country.
Using state-of-the-art knowledge, experienced manpower and specialists, the best Swiss-made CNC equipment and machineries and utilizing biomaterials made of medical titanium grades 4 and 5 has made supply of our beloved country’s health market with all types of fixtures, prosthetic and laboratorial parts and surgical kits with as diverse as 198 products.
The proper price and high quality of the products are an important competition for imports of similar foreign-made products in a manner that they prevent exit of foreign exchange from the country equal to 2 million dollars per year.
Development of health system and affluence of the medical equipment domain in the country have been among the goals of Kimia Kasht Ateba Company, a knowledge-based one as one of the priorities of this domain that coupled with specialist and sympathetic forces have managed to take a long step for its promotion.