Kimia Kasht Ateba Company

Activity Commenced in 2014
Factory Opened in 2017
With International Standards

Swiss-Made 9-Axis CNC Devices
Over 198 Product Types
Products to Be Delivered within 48 Hours

American Titanium
SLA Surface

SLA Surface

Surface Sandblasted with Inert Bio-Particles and Surface Roughness Ranging from 2-4 Microns
Increase in Surface Area by Up to Times 400
Preventing Bone Loss
Long-Term Stability
High Osteo-Integration
Increases Osteo-Blasts Adhesiveness and Improves Bone Transplantation

Kimia Kasht Ateba Factory

Kimia Kasht Ateba Factory was opened in a land with an area of 2,500 square meters in industrial town No. 2 in Sanandaj – Iran that constitutes different sections for these unique manufacturing industries. The machining unit of this compound uses Swiss-made 9-axis CNSs with 0.01 precision. This is the cause of high precision in the mechanical section of products. The work is done on the entire surface of all products in the surface finishing unit that includes knowledge-based ultrasonic, sandblast, H acid and coating devices.

The R&D unit comprises three microbiology, chemical and mechanical laboratories. The B class and 10,000 particular clean room of this compound is one of the best clean rooms existing in Iran in which the entire body and floor and ceiling components are completely anti-static. The warehouses of this compound have stored beyond global GMP levels.

Surgery and Prosthesis Guide

Kimia Kasht Company as a knowledge-based one constitutes the few research companies in the world equipped with histologic research units. KME dental implants have plain and efficient surgical protocol and are capable of implantation in diverse and different methods in the meantime as a multi-potential system. Two approved surgical methods are offered by the research unit in this section.

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Grade 4 Titanium for Fixtures: Having high mechanical strength, proper biocompatibility and low density have changed grade 4 titanium into a very proper choice for making fixtures.
Grade 5 Titanium for Prosthetic and Laboratorial Parts:
This grade by combining vanadium and aluminum alloys, having high mechanical strength and low weight is the most highly utilized class of titanium alloys and it’s a proper choice for prosthetic and laboratorial parts. A broad group of special alloys are made of stainless steel that are highly strong against corrosion.
The great mechanical and chemical properties of stainless steel cause them to be used for making surgical kits.

Surgical Kit Guide

Kimia Kasht Ateba Company which is a knowledge-based one has prepared a guide for the esteemed physicians who use KME implants to use the surgical kit for their convenience after studying which said esteemed physicians can use the surgical kit with more ease. The surgical kit includes different parts for fixture implantation and prosthetic part surgeries.

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